Been hard at work the last few days implementing some of my favorite features.

1) Bulk user import

For people getting set up or if you’re looking to add another team inside your company, our “Bulk User Import” feature is very handy. Just head over to “Settings > Users > Import Users”. There, you’ll have instructions on how to create a CSV or XLS file for import.

2) Email notifications

We took great care with our notification system. We want to make sure you get notified about the right things — but we don’t want to leave you feeling hassled or spammed by the system. Check out “Notifications” under your user profile for all the emails that we send out.

3) Emojis in comments!

Is it urgent? No. Is it game-changing? Not really. Is it fun? Of course! We now support emoji’s in comments. Just start typing “:” and the first letter of your emoji and you’ll see a nice little dropdown of supported emojis.