As a team leader, it'd be great to get an over of how your team is doing -- especially over time. With SproutMark, we give you the tools to check in with your team and ask the questions that matter most.

But what if there was a way to visualize the overall health of your team using those reports? We're pleased to announce the release of a new feature: Pulse Scores.

Pulse Scores uses a technology called "sentiment analysis" to parse the answers from the reports submitted by your team. We then assign either a positive or negative number to the report based on the perceived overall positivity or negativity of the answers. Once the report is submitted, you'll see the score in the sidebar:

If you're the leader of the organization or if you've been marked as an admin on the account, you'll also see a chart on your dashboard that shows the average Pulse Scores for each week over the last 3 months:

This gives you a powerful view into the overall health of your organization. We hope you love this new feature! If you have any questions, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. We'd love your input!