Picking the right frequency for a question is very important. Ask that question too much and you risk over-communicating or overloading your team. Ask it too little and the feedback loop becomes too long. This is one of the reasons we provide so many options for "Frequency" when setting up a question. However, the "bi-weekly" option has always been a little strange.

Until now, "bi-weekly" gave you limited control. The system understood "bi-weekly" as any even-numbered weeks of the years. For instance, here on November 18th, we're in week 47 of the year. So any bi-weekly questions won't go out this week. But in certain instances, this puts your team a week off. Some times you do want your bi-weekly questions to go out this week.

So with that in mind, we tweaked the "bi-weekly" concept to allow for odd/even weeks. When editing or creating a new question, you'll now see "Bi-Weekly Odd" and Bi-Weekly Even". This should give you even more flexibility for when your questions go out.

Odd Even Weeks

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