We've gotten lots of feedback recently over the desire to login using a 3rd party service like Google+ and Twitter. Today, we're pleased to announce that you can now connect your SproutMark account to multiple services and use these to login without your SproutMark password.

Here's how:

  1. Login (using your password...but it may be the last time!)
  2. Head to https://www.sproutmark.com/profile/authentications
  3. Choose between the 3 providers we've hooked up: Google, Twitter, and Github. Clicking one will take you to their website and ask you to allow SproutMark access to some basic info so we can authenticate you. Once you sign in at that site, you'll be taken back to SproutMark
  4. That's it! From here on out, you can visit the SproutMark login page and click "Sign In With Google", etc.

We hope this change will help speed up the process of logging in and get you into SproutMark faster!