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Ask, listen, and grow. Together.

Leaders Love SproutMark

SproutMark is an incredible tool for our team. I think it's great for teams that want to have deeper communication without scheduling lengthy sit-down meetings every week.

Colleen Anderson

Ask the right questions

The right questions make all the difference. We'll get you started with a few starter questions, but feel free to customize to make sure you're asking your team the questions that you need answers to. Get to know your team better and stay in better contact.

Get the right answers

Your team will get a reminder each week when their report is due. They log in, answer questions, and submit the report. Having an online system like SproutMark makes it easy for your team members to give you the feedback you need.

Grow and learn together

You don't always have the time to sit around and catch up. But with SproutMark, you can quickly and easily stay in close contact with teammates near and far. Don't just get a report -- get to know your team. Make your team a dream team.

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Get a high-altitude view of what's going on inside your team.


Bring clarity to your team around what's important and what's not.


Connect with your team every week. Get answers to the questions that matter most.


Healthy conversation leads to growth that leads to strong and productive teams.

Ask the Right Questions

You have total control of what questions get asked, when, to whom. Create questions for your entire organization, different groups of team members, or even individuals.

Start a Conversation

Hearing from your team is incredible, but being able to start a conversation is invaluable. Ask follow-up questions, dive deeper, and cheer on your team!

Check Back

Sometimes you'll want to flag an answer for follow-up. SproutMark makes it easy for leaders to keep track of which items need further follow-up later on.

How healthy is your team?

Check-in with your team members and ask the questions that really matter.

No Software

No downloads, no installs. We got ya covered!

Simple Interface

We don't want to get in the way between you and your team. We keep it clean and simple!


We'll get you started with some sane defaults, but SproutMark is yours to tweak!


We take security very seriously. Your data is protected by 128-bit SSL security. No data is disclosed to third parties.


All our features work seamlessly on your mobile device.

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Will I be billed after I sign up?

Nope! You've got a free trial headed your way. No credit card is necessary to get started! If you hit the end of your trial without choosing a subscription, your account will be put on hold until you choose a subscription (or cancel).

Do you charge per user?

No way! We don't want you to be worried about adding every single user, so we bundle them all up. You can pick the package that fits the size of your team today. When it changes, you'll have the option to change plans. Easy-peasy.

Got any bigger plans?

Sure do. Drop us a line if you need something beefier.


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